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Adam Lee of Siduri is always amazingly generous with his time. I collared him for a few lines right before the full fury of crush struck. We spoke about what Siduri is doing with screwcaps...go to interview

Ramey Rules He’s been making some California's best wines for more than two decades, and at last he’s got his own winery. How does David Ramey make his Cabs and Chards so big, yet so full of finesse? Here he is. Let’s ask him... go to interview

Gotta Love 'Em Behrens & Hitchcock came out of nowhere, broke all the rules and bang–they're a cult. But success hasn't spoiled this lean, mean team. As you'll see, they're still putting grapes before ego... go to interview

Update on Our Interview with Mark Aubert, winemaker for Colgin, consultant for Peter Michael and proprietor of his own new vineyards...go to interview update

Behind the Scenes at Etude In the last decade, the the wines of Etude have gone from strength to strength and their flagship Cab in particular has been a consistent show-stopper. Today we meet Etude's mystery man -- Scott Rich, who actually makes the wine now...go to interview

Serious Merlot Put aside everything you thought you knew about California Merlot. Meet Mia Klein, consulting winemaker for Dalla Valle and producer of her own seriously terrific Merlot...go to interview

Pinot Noir's Promised Land Nearly every time I taste a jaw-dropping new California Pinot Noir or Chardonnay these days, it seems to come from the the Sonoma Coast. So when Walt and Joan Flowers invited us out to see their state-of-the-art setup on Camp Meeting Ridge, Sonoma Coast...go to interview

Boys from the Hood This is a real garage winery. It's run by two grown-up kids from the neighborhood who have been buddies since the fourth grade. And out in the back yard, they're farming two of Napa Valley's greatest Zinfandel vineyards...go to interview

Gott Wines? Right now, 30-year-old Joel Gott may be better-known for his burger stand, but if you love blockbuster Zin, you better...go to interview

The Source Want Bryant or Araujo Cabernet? Turley or Martinelli Zinfandel? Marcassin or Peter Michael Chardonnay? Did you know they're all distributed by one outfit? Meet Harmon Skurnik of Michael Skurnik Wines. Find out what's hot, what's a bargain and even how to get a bottle of Bryant on your table...Go to interview

Wine Non-People They work long hours, always look cheerful and do it all for love. They're not people, but it's high time someone recognized the contribution of the world's great winery dogs and cats!...Go to photo essay 

California's Next Super-Consultant may very well be Mark Aubert, the new winemaker for Colgin. For nearly a decade, Mark crafted some of America's best Chardonnays for Peter Michael. Then he scored a smash with Cabernet this spring. What's next? Let him tell you...Go to interview

Growing Diamonds A while back, the words "Diamond Mountain" automatically made wine geeks think of the venerable Diamond Creek. But there's a new king on the mountain. Rudy von Strasser has pioneered a lush, beautiful new style of Diamond Mountain Cabernet that's making jaws drop. In our interview, we discuss how he does it, how he spearheaded the new Diamond Mountain AVA, what the 1998 vintage tastes like -- and what's all the fuss about unfiltered wine, anyway?...Go to interview

A Passion for Pleasure Dennis Johns of Napa Valley's White Cottage Ranch is making some wonderfully seductive red wines from his Howell Mountain vineyard. His approach may upset some old school wine geeks, but I suspect Dennis won't mind that one bit...Go to interview


David Ramey of Ramey Wine Cellars

Les Behrens and Joe Bob Hitchcock of Behrens and Hitchcock

Howell Mountain maestro Dennis Johns of White Cottage Ranch

Dianna and Adam  Lee of Siduri

Patrick  Campbell of Laurel Glen

Rudy von Strasser of  von Strasser Winery

David Jones of Lava Cap Winery

Ric Forman of Forman Vineyards

Tuscan wine innovator Roberto Cipresso

Napa Valley's Merlot Maven Mike Havens

Zin Kings Larry Turley & Ehren Jordan of Turley Wine Cellars

Mark Aubert of Colgin and Peter Michael Winery

Harmon Skurnik, distributor of California's most-wanted cult wines 

Robert Biale and Dave Pramuk of Robert Biale Vineyards

Joel Gott winemaker and proprietor of Napa Valley's hottest burger stand

Joan and Walt Flowers of Flowers Vineyards & Winery

Mia Klein, consulting winemaker to Dalla Vale and producer of Selene Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc

Scott Rich, talented winemaker for Etude and Talisman


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