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Back in the Highlife  Many wine folk I know have trimmed back their buying, but we've still got stuff squirreled away that wants drinking... go to tasting notes

Not a Curveball With a name like Meander, you might expect this... go to tasting notes

Put 'em up Maybe this feisty new boutique Cab just needs... go to tasting notes

Never Much Liked Ayn Rand's books, but this Fountainhead is a different deal... go to tasting notes

When a Wine Critic says “This Profound Stuff should age effortlessly for 20 years”… ever wonder how the heck he arrives at that guess? I don’t have a clue. But I do have a trick for figuring out if a wine should be cellared at all... go to tasting notes

Check out our new Blog Go here to post comments on our latest interviews, tasting notes and rants. Still in beta, but so is everything these days... go to blog

Screwcaps: The Future? Seems to me it's only a matter of time. Here's a mini-interview with Adam Lee of Siduri, who is using them now for all his appellation-level Pinot Noirs... go to interview

BYO Lovers Rejoice Did you know that 56% of Philadelphia restaurants now allow you to bring? And now there's a super new resource for finding those that do... go to news and events

Gunning for Burgundy It's no news that Australian producers make good Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but can they compete with the best?... go to article

More Winery Pets! Have you checked out the latest?... go to Wine Non-People

The Great Grape Shootout What's your favorite varietal -- really? If Americans weren't looking at labels, would they still insist on Chard, Cab and Merlot? Surprise...  go to article

Ol' Reliable Is it okay to like France again? I sure hope so. There's so much great Bordeaux that wants drinking... go to tasting notes

B, B & B  Phooey on the food pyramid. Cold snaps cry out for red meat, right? Cab & Cow's awfully good, but so is B, B & B... go to tasting notes

"Mature Gents vs. Young Turks" was our excuse for an evening of opening favorite Cabs. Here’s how I score the bout... go to tasting notes

Let's be Franc Cabernet Franc may be the granddaddy of Cabernet Sauvignon, but most wine geeks treat it as a stepchild. What gives? How good can Cab Franc get?... go to tasting notes 

Cab and WHAT? Strange blend, but beautifully made and a bargain... go to Better than Bargains

A Rose is Still a Rose Years ago, I was knocked out by the floral aromas, focus and finish of this $14.99 bargain from the Languedoc. But how did it age?... go to tasting notes

Rich and Strange Anything gets boring if you do it the same way too often, so we wined on the wild side for a bit. Here’s what tasted good... go to tasting notes

Ric's on a Roll Got a Chard diehard in your life? Yesterday we found a big winner from a guy you may know better for his Cab... go to tasting notes

The Glory that Was Mondavi It seems only yesterday that I ranked Mondavi Reserve Cab right up there with my 5 or 6 favorite California wines... go to tasting notes

Exotica I don't want to gush, but it seems to me the very top New World winemakers have raised the bar yet again with the 2001 and 2002 vintages. I'm not talking about the size of the wines... go to tasting notes

How Good is Gallo? Remember back when Gallo released their first "really serious" Cabernet? Many of us were appalled that they dared to charge... go to tasting notes

Canada Riesling -- For Real A while back, a winemaker friend gives me a bottle of... go to tasting notes

How Old is Too Old? I'm in love with New World Pinot Noir, but wouldn't think of getting married... go to tasting notes

A New Napa Star I sampled this wine twice in the past few weeks just to make sure I really liked it this much -- then opened another recently because I simply couldn't resist... go to tasting notes

Bogart These Wines I like to taste as much as the next geek, but some wines are simply off-limits... go to tasting notes

Is this Vintage Cracking Up? Count on it like the swallows of spring -- at least once a year, panicked rumors will spread on bulletin boards that a well-thought-of vintage or wine is cracking up. The latest debate is about California Cabs from the 1990s and 1994 in particular. Answer?...go to tasting notes

MORE Winery Pets Including what must be the only Highland Bull (not canine, cattle!) owned by any winery in the world... go to photo album

Many more articles too when you hop to our articles section...Go to articles contents page

In-depth interviews with winedom's most interesting people...Go to interviews contents page

Tons of tasting notes with new ones added every week! Browse the latest notes right now or use our handy search engine...Go to tasting notes


Adam Lee of Siduri

David Ramey of Ramey Wine Cellars

Les Behrens and Joe Bob Hitchcock of Behrens & Hitchcock Winery

Joan & Walt Flowers of Flowers Vineyards and Winery

Mia Klein, consulting winemaker to Dalla Vale and producer of Selene Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc

Scott Rich,
talented winemaker for Etude and Talisman

Robert Biale of Robert Biale Vineyards

Joel Gott
Joel Gott, who makes stellar Zin when he's not running Napa Valley's hottest roadside eatery 

Phillipe Prost, winemaker for Burgundy's reborn Maison Bouchard

Harmon Skurnik, distributor of California's most-wanted cult wines

Mark Aubert of Colgin and Peter Michael

rudyvsheadsmall.jpg (4321 bytes)
Rudy von Strasser of  von Strasser Winery

of Navarro Vineyards

djohnssmall.jpg (3900 bytes)
Howell Mountain maestro Dennis Johns of White Cottage Ranch

Dianna and Adam  Lee of Siduri

patrickheadsmall.jpg (3051 bytes)
Patrick  Campbell of Laurel Glen

davidjoneshead.jpg (2518 bytes)
David Jones of Lava Cap Winery

Ric Forman of Forman Vineyards

Tuscan wine innovator Roberto Cipresso

Napa Valley's Merlot Maven Mike Havens

ehrenheadsmall.jpg (2490 bytes)
Zin Kings Larry Turley & Ehren Jordan of Turley Wine Cellars


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