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     The web is awash in wine sites and it's not my intention to list them all. But here's an unashamedly biased list of sites that I've been to and found worthwhile.
     I'm continually updating this list. If any link fails to operate, please let me know.

Mark Squires' E-Zine on Wine Mark's site is a treasure trove of tasting notes, provocative articles, photos, memorable quotes and fun stuff. The guy has an attitude that gives an extra edge to everything he writes, so do check out the articles. Coverage is particularly good on Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace and California Cabs, plus there's a growing emphasis on Australians and bargain wines. I should mention that Mark's a good friend and I taste with him often. If you want a second perspective on a wine that I have reviewed, you may find it on Mark's site. (And if you want the truth about a wine he's reviewed, look here!) His bulletin board has also attracted many participants (including me) and is now affiliated with Robert Parker's website. Give it a visit!

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page Many of us with wine web sites owe a debt of gratitude to Robin Garr. As co-sysop of the Compuserve Wineforum, he gave hundreds of wine-lovers their first welcome into cyberwine. Now his pioneering web site continues to show us the powerful possibilities of this medium. To call it a "page" is like calling Manhattan a borough. You could spend all night prowling around it and barely dent the content. It's especially strong on under-appreciated wines from places like the Rhone, Germany, Austria and Spain, but no one who visits will come away disappointed. Robin's also a heckuva nice guy and his friendly demeanor is reflected everywhere on the site. Don't miss his wine bulletin board, which attracts a broad international audience. It was the first web-based wine BB I ever encountered and remains state-of-the-art.

The Stupids: A Wine Snob's Hell Explanations fall short. You must visit it. Wear your asbestos underwear. Stuart Yaniger is a renowned Rhone fanatic and mad scientist who invented not only the track-point on your laptop -- but also the ingenious "Stooges System" of wine scoring. Jim Daugherty, his partner in stupidity, has one of the best palates of anyone I know (see my notes on his performance at the RC Challenge), and is also an ace chef. Together they are quite dangerous.

Live Your Dream of a Life in the  Wine World! Check out and you'll find even more than a wine "help wanted" listing. Also contains guides to renting and buying homes in California wine country.

Hannu Lehmusvuori's Weekly Wine Page can be a quick delight. But the witty way he combines art and wine is worthy of long contemplation. Tough to explain here -- but easy to enjoy! Give him a click.  fills a neat niche in the online world by keeping you current on new U.S. wines that have just hit the market. Coverage of California new releases is pretty comprehensive.

Wine Country Getaways is a unique guide for travelers who wish to plan a trip to California Wine Country. Worth a visit for their other info too.

Alder Yarrow's lively website Vinography: a wine blog describes its content as "wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world." Lots of tasting notes and looks like it's updated frequently.

I've been a fan of wine educator Phil Silverstone for many years, and I'm delighted that he has his own website now. 

The Vine Guy is wine journalist Scott Greenberg's new foray into cyberspace. Give it a look.

Allegro Winery in York County, Pennsylvania,  makes what I consider to be the state's best red wine. This is serious Cabernet. Don't shake your head till you've tried it! provides travelers a comprehensive resource to research, plan and book travel arrangements to the top wine country destinations in the US. What great new tool for wine geeks!

Join our link exchange program

The following wine people showed incredibly good taste in giving us a link. So we're returning the favor. Sites below are listed strictly in order of seniority in our link exchange program. If you have a non-commercial wine site and want to exchange a link with us, shoot me an email.

  (PLEASE NOTE: We no longer trade links with e-commerce sites, with the exception of family-run wineries. Someday we may accept paid advertising. We hope everyone understands.) is a Zine that focuses on affordable wines for everyday drinking. Hosted by Roland Marandino.

TBM's Wine Links is a comprehensive database of wine links, covering both wine review sites and winery sites all over the world.

Les Kincaid's Lifestyles is full of recipes, tips and other stuff for folks who enjoy wine, food & golf. Les is the author of Never Trust a Skinny Chef.

GrapeSeek is a wine-specific search engine that can help you locate web sites devoted to winemaking, wine appreciation, vineyards, health benefits of wine, the history wine and much more. If you have your own wine site, be sure to visit here and register your URL.

Wine Searcher is a nifty internet search engine that specializes in locating hard-to-find wines. You enter the producer and year. It then gives you links to sites carrying those wines. 

Lodi is a happening place for well-priced California wine. Peirano Estate Vineyards is happening there.

Wine people can post info about special events at
They describe themselves as "one place where the consumers can go to find out about events without being on the mailing list of a dozen different wine shops." is a French website largely dedicated to the wines of Graves de Vayres.

Does your spouse call you a wino? Check out The Official Wino Home Page, an unconventional  site with a very refreshing sense of humor.

Cipriano Vini is an Italian wine producer. Currently the site is only in Italian, but they plan soon to provide English pages too. 

The Napa Valley Grape Growers website provides insight into some of the issues growers face today.

The Napa Farm Bureau website is devoted to a cause many wine-lovers will care about -- preserving agriculture in Napa Valley.

Chris Kissack's site, The Winedoctor, is by its own description, "the UK's fastest growing, independent, consumer orientated website. With articles for novices and 'experts' alike." 

The Lucas Winery, also in the Lodi appellation, makes Zinfandel and Chardonnay. 

Keito's Daily Recipe and Funnies offers recipes from around the world, secret family recipes and much else besides. Big site!

Raymond Vineyard and Cellar makes very good (and sanely priced) Napa Valley Cabernet, plus many other worthy wines.

Coleman Vineyard, located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, produces Estate Grown Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

Wine Labels World contains photos and info about wine labels from all over the world, with text available in six different languages.

And now for something completely different, The Sanlowalan Miniature Bottles Collection contains photos of an extensive array of Chinese and other Asian mini wine bottles.

Located in the South of France (a happening area), Château Val Joanis produces aoc Côtes du Luberon wines.

The Lodi Appellation Winery Association now has a website guiding you around this happening wine area in Central California. describes itself as "The Complete Directory For Wine Resources on the Internet."

The Lodi District Grape Growers Association represents growers in California Crush District 11.

Dr. Vino, wine politics specialist and enophile (a.k.a. wine geek), welcomes you!

Benson Ferry Vineyards in Lodi makes Chardonnay, Syrah and Old Vine Zinfandel.

Van Ruiten-Taylor Winery in Lodi makes Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah,Cab  and Zinfandel.

Professional Friends of Wine features 200 pages of original, informational, educational and editorial articles about wine.

Hatten Wines is changing all the rules about conventional winemaking. Just for starters, they're in Bali, Indonesia -- a tropical climate that yields 2.5 vintages every year!

Bokisch Vineyards in Lodi California is making wines from Spanish varietals that "blend Spanish tradition with an appealing New World twist." is an online resource for wine enthusiasts in the New England region of the United States. Wine, Dine, & Enjoy New England!

QPRwines is a handy wine buying guide that compares wine scores to price, uncovering the best (and worst) wine values. features wine release dates and free monthly newsletter.


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